Animated explainer video for Kelly Exeter

Kelly Exeter was after a unique explainer video to draw visitors to her blog and tell her story. Here’s the video with an example of how we turn real people into animated cartoon characters

Animated explainer video for Big Easy Buyers

Big Easy Buyers wanted an animated video to explain their unique Real Estate offering. Every detail in the video was thought out down to the clothes worn by the characters and the items on the wall inside the very specifically designed houses.

Here’s the final video along with some screenshots of progress

The App Match Explainer Video

Jarrod Robinson’s story behind launching The App Match is pretty cool. So we were stoked to be able to do it justice through our animated explainer video service. Here’s the full video.

The Merrymaker Sisters Explainer Video

The Merrymaker sisters are not your average online influencers. A boring explainer video would NEVER do them justice. So we pulled out the fun parts of their story and animated a non-boring 3 minute video that expresses their unique personality.