The Merrymaker sisters are not your average online influencers. A boring explainer video would NEVER do them justice. So we pulled out the fun parts of their story and animated a non-boring 3 minute video that expresses their unique personality.

1. We wrote

They gave us a rough outline of their story, we agreed it would make a great boredAF video, so we worked together on a script.

2. We storyboarded

Once the script was finalised we worked on a rough animated storyboard with audio. Here is how it looked.

3.  We drew

We then drew the Merries and each scene out in full.

And of course we got feedback along the way to ensure the girls loved what we were doing. They did.

4. We animated

We then animated the video, here is the final result. The girls use the video on their site, on social media and when they speak at conferences around the world. There was also a subtitled version for social media.

And they loved it

They were stoked, saying this about us:

“BoredAf create epicness!! The result was 100 times more amazing than we could’ve imagined and the whole process was super fun. If you’re looking for an interesting way to explain your biz story, BoredAF are the people to talk to!”

That was the official testimonial, the unofficial one was much more fun:

You get the picture.

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